Lunch Corporate Catering Boston

Lunch catering in Boston is the perfect way to add the wow factor to your workday meetings. Lunch meetings extend your productive day, and they add a welcome note of appreciation to a corporate occasion. A catered lunch is a time to socialize a time to socialize as well as accomplish goals or recognize efforts.

Lunch Catering Boston

If important clients are in town, bringing them to your premises for a catered lunch adds a welcoming note to your meetings for several reasons.

  • Catering your Boston lunch time department or team group meetings for training or informational purposes helps to add to company morale in a show of appreciation. It will become an event that employees look forward to.
  • It’s a win-win situation, putting the meeting or function in an environment you can control – no noisy restaurant surroundings, or orders that are cold/ready at different times. Holding a catered lunch hour event at your premises lets you relax instead of worrying about the noise and distraction.

Along with your clients/guests/employees’ perspective, there are clear advantages to choosing in-house corporate lunch catering in Boston for the organizers.

  • We’ll do the set up and take down, saving you the hassle;
  • An in-house event saves you time getting to and from a venue or restaurant;

Bottom line: You can relax and concentrate on the events and your guests.

Menu Ideas for Lunch Catering

We can help you put together a menu that is appropriate for the occasion. Do you want the meal to be quick and easy, so the group can concentrate on the speaker or information presentation? Or is lunch time a leisurely break from training or a long day spent on a product launch?

  • Salad platters are a lunch time favorite, including Caesar Salad with optional grilled and marinated chicken, our special House Salad with mozzarella and veggies, Greek Salad, or a Mediterranean Platter with roasted red peppers and eggplant, stuffed grape leaves, and more.
  • Sandwich and wrap platters with a variety of bread and rolls are a classic lunch, with your choice of chicken, tuna, and egg salads, or cold cut assortments.
  • We can even provide lunch tote bags with your choice of sandwich or wrap, chips, soda or juice, and cookies, for a working meeting.

Looks As Good As It Tastes

Our sandwiches and platters are carefully put together to look attractive and appetizing, creating an eye catching display that will attract attention even before lunch is served. Catering is the way to add a lot of punch to an ordinary meeting and turn an everyday workday into a highly anticipated event. You can count on our attention to detail to create the right menu and look for your lunch catering event in Boston.

Contact Elena's Cafe and let our Boston catering professionals help you create the perfect customized menu for your occasion or corporate function – just call 781-888-1364. Elena’s Cafe has been providing professional lunch catering to the Boston area for more than 20 years; let us help make your event a success.